Right back where we started from.

 The distance between you and any external factor is merely a physical manifestation of the distance you have placed between “you” and your true self. Life can always improve, we could all have, do, be and use more of many external factors. Now here’s the thing, there’s nothing wrong with wanting more, with wanting a raise or a higher paying job, an always expanding wardrobe, fresh manicure, a larger more comfortable house for you and your loved ones, a luxurious car, any or all of the external blessings that we have to enjoy while we are here. In fact to continually be working towards improving and deliberately manifesting external factors can be a lot of fun and for better or worse has become a large part of our culture. The problem lies within attaching ourselves to these processes these things and these factors and literally placing our self worth, our value and our purpose of existence within them. I witness a lot of people making blanket biased statements about their lives and circumstances; “I won’t be happy UNTIL i get a raise” I’ll only be complete WHEN i add one more article of clothing into my wardrobe.”  The common misconception that once the external factors change the internal factors will too when in fact no matter how much the external factors change if you don’t line up internally first you’ll be too blind to recognize them anyways. Will a raise add to your life? ABSOLUTELY Is it important to be comfortable in your clothes? To open your closet every morning and maybe even ENJOY placing an outfit together? OF COURSE! There’s just a lot more to it than filling a spot in your closet or garage, and perhaps we could benefit from acknowledging false beliefs and nonexistent holes that we have picked up from the consumerism train that are oh so untrue. Let’s look within ourselves instead of cruising on the external river of consumerist bullshit. Let’s try this belief on for size every morning when we wake up and every night before we go to sleep. ‘No matter what is going on outside of me there is safety within. I’m completely whole, undeniably worthy and eternally beautiful just as i am right here, right now in this very moment.’


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